2 comments on “I want to lose body fat!  What do I do?

  1. I actually do NOT eat a lot, but I don’t lose weight either. You also have to factor in age and lifestyle. And not ALL obesity is caused solely by overeating . . . . thyroid problems, heredity, certain medications, and other factors can contribute to weight gain. I DO exercise – I walk an 83 lb dog 1 – 1.5 miles at least 4 days a week, usually more. At first I lost a little weight, but then I gained some back – I’m thinking some of that HAD to be muscle weight. Which is heavier than fat. I am more interested in losing inches rather than weight, toning my existing muscles and increasing strength In the past, sensible diet plus exercise has worked for me to at least maintain weight and stop gaining. BUT it is VERY difficult to lose at my age (60 – gads). I am also concerned about maintaining my mobility and independence as long as possible. Not that there is much of a problem, but after caring for my mother, I know what I DON’T want to become.

    • Hi Robin. Yes there are definitely other factors (the reason it has to be many posts). And no, not all obesity is caused by overeating! But the majority of it is. Which is why this is the first post. In order to be the most relevant I have to start at the beginning which is diet. Setting healthy and safe caloric goals is step one. It’s by no means an assumption about any individual, just that common things happen commonly. Sometimes people believe what they are eating is healthy (when maybe it’s not) or sometimes people don’t realize how calorie dense their food is. One of the most popular gym sayings is “abs are made in the kitchen.” So it’s always worth a recheck to make sure.
      What types of calories (protein/fat/carbs) we take in will be another subject as will hormones, sleep and exercise! Please stay tuned and if a question hasn’t been answered let me know. 🙂

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