About Me

Personal Trainer turned (turning) Physical Therapist and other random tidbits.

After a long absence circumstances in my life have brought me back ’round to this blog.  What began as a trip down memory lane turned into curiosity…and then (uh oh) motivation.

About 4 and a half years ago I began this blog with the intention to share knowledge and motivation for physical fitness.  Since that point my life has changed a lot. I decided to go back to school  to get my doctorate in Physical Therapy so that I could pursue my passion with more depth and greater skill.  4+ years and a lot of both successes and failures later I find myself here again.  With the same need to share and garner some motivation.

I will gladly take suggestions for topics to write on (from the whole 5 people who might see this) but otherwise I plan to talk about a variety of topics from balancing crazy school hours, incorporating physical therapy education into exercise, social topics, and polyamory.  Stay tuned, the last couple of years have been a wild ride.

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